A Lifestyle Manager is one who acts as an intermediary between your personal, home and business life by providing oversight and coordination.


  • Struggling to cope with a busy lifestyle?
  • Seeking a more balanced life?
  • A rookie or new artist and need help adjusting to a high-profile lifestyle?
  • Feeling that you are too accessible?
  • Wanting to simplify your life by having one central point of contact to liaison between your personal and business teams? 

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Our mission is to create the most ideal conditions that would enable you to concentrate on your professional performance and family commitments while we manage your life off the court, field or stage. As a successful brand, you are entitled to make sure that you are well looked after. We aim to deliver the highest level of personalized service and are dedicated to maximizing your time, income, and peace of mind. Whether it’s scheduling + calendar management, project + live event management, or being the central point of contact for your personal + business teams, DeShawn Snow Global Sports + Entertainment Group’s exclusive luxury lifestyle management services are designed to provide oversight and coordination of your personal, home and business life. We are truly committed to integrity, confidentiality, discretion and operating with a spirit of excellence. We are driven by our tireless passion for details, years of experience, and shared reverence of family, loyalty and community interaction. 


We offer ease and balance to your busy lifestyle by doing the things you have to do, so you can do the things that you want to do. We are not a gopher service. Instead, we offer our clients the highest level of personalized lifestyle management to ensure that optimal conditions are established, allowing them to focus on their professional performance and family commitments. 

Why Us?

As a former NBA wife and television personality, DeShawn possesses a solid understanding of the complexities of the high-pro le lifestyle and has an extraordinary ability to ful ll the unique needs of her exclusive clientele. Having keen understanding that preservation of time is an investment and not an expense, she has mastered the art of anticipating needs and being highly resourceful. DeShawn understands her clients’ deepest concerns and strongest desires, which means they can relax and have a level of comfort knowing that she will represent and manage their responsibilities in excellence, all while ensuring their best interest is at the heart of every decision.