Lil Shawnee is a classic book series that provides empowering and encouraging messages perfect for tween girls in grades three to six.  Nevaeh, Lil Shawnee’s spiritual guide, provides a sprinkling of heavenly advice and a “you can do it” message to overcome negativity and build inner strength.


Stories, movies, and books, are an escape for young girls. Regardless of the viewers’ environment, Shawnee’s family will serve as a healthy example of interacting in love, laughter, and respect. Additionally, the heart to heart talks with Nevaeh, ultimately makes Shawnee a better person, and will likewise have an affect on others.

Nevaeh represents something greater than knowledge; she represents what we all have within us--free choice.  We have the choice to choose the responsible way to act, the power to do what is right, and the ultimate choice of love. It doesn’t matter how you were raised, what you religion you believe in, what culture you are from, we all recognize the commonality of love and respect. It is time that we remind our young daughters how to walk in this as well as emphasize the importance of a positive self-image and positive thinking.

Many girls need to be educated the right way and with right information on self esteem. From negative influences surrounding them, they need positive education. Too many girls today hear, “you can’t do it” “you won’t amount to anything” “you’re ugly, you’re fat.”  Lil Shawnee animated series will empower, encourage, and enrich the lives of young girls everywhere!